Lavender Essential Oil Spray
Lavender Essential Oil Spray

Lavender Essential Oil Spray

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Enjoy the unique scent of lavender in combination with chamomile, cedarwood, and sandalwood. 

Our Lavender Essential Oil Spray can be sprayed on your pillow or bedroom to create a calming atmosphere. Lavender and chamomille promote a sense of relaxation and well-being effect on our bodies and souls. The sedative qualities of cedarwood help us with insomnia. Use the Lavender Essential Oil Spray in combination with our Relaxing Eye Pillow and the Deep Sleep Buckwheat Pillow for an uplifted sleep experience. 

All our organic Essential Oil Sprays are designed and produced in Dubai in our fragrance manufacture. Handcrafted with natural ingredients only they will enhance the atmosphere in your home or work environment. 


- 100% natural & cruelty-free

- no synthetic emulsifiers

- hand-crafted in Dubai

- eco-friendly refillable spray bottle

- refreshing & stimulating


Available in 50ml & 100ml

Ingredients: Essential oils, natural preservatives, water