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Carry Your Zen in StyleIntroducing the SAINE Macrame Yoga Mat Strap, a blend of organic materials and handcrafted cha...


Carry Your Zen in Style
Introducing the SAINE Macrame Yoga Mat Strap, a blend of organic materials and handcrafted charm, designed to accompany you on your journey to inner peace and physical strength.

Handwoven Harmony
Each strap is meticulously hand-made in Dubai by the skilled artisans at Thecraftladyatelier, ensuring that every piece is unique. The 100% organic cotton material reflects SAINE's commitment to eco-friendly practices and natural living.

Effortless Elegance
The macrame design is not just a nod to aesthetic beauty but also offers practical functionality. It fits all standard yoga mat sizes and allows for easy transport. Simply loop your rolled mat and let it rest comfortably over your shoulder as you move from place to place.

Sustainable and Simple
In keeping with SAINE's ethos, the strap is machine-washable, ensuring that it remains fresh and clean for every use. The organic cotton ensures durability and softness, making it a joy to carry.


  • Crafted from 100% organic cotton for a soft, natural feel.
  • Machine-washable at 40° Celsius for easy care.
  • Hand-made by local Dubai artisans, celebrating traditional craftsmanship.

Elevate your yoga practice with the SAINE Macrame Yoga Mat Strap, where functionality meets artisanal beauty, making every trip to the yoga studio a moment to showcase your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.