SAINE is all about natural fabrics & NATURAL FILLINGS

Natural fillings like buckwheat hulls or spelt hulls have been used since generations for alternative medicine purposes or wellness treatments. Like many other things in these days also natural fillings got replaced by artificial ones. Our aim is to re-introduce you to the positive impact of nature around you. 

We import our fillings from organic farms -   mostly in Europe - to guarantee highest quality. 
Cherrystone natural pillow filling
Hollow from the inside Cherrystones store heat for up to 50 Minutes, depending on the usage. Just heat them up in the oven for around 3-4 minutes low heat or in the microwave (around 1-2 minutes). For additional security you can always add a glass of water. Please stay around while warming your pillow. 
Cherrystones are perfect for all kinds of muscle or bone pains. They are releasing cramps like baby collics or tummy pains. Breastfeeding mums benefit from a better milk flow through heating up their breast or relaxing their thigh neck and shoulder muscles. 
Buckwheat hulls natural pillow filling
Originally from Japan buckwheat hulls have been used since generations as natural pillow fillings. Now Sobakawa - Japanese buckwheat filled pillows - are known around the world providing a restful sleep to many of us.
Through their tiny texture buckwheat hulls are adjusting perfectly to your bodies needs giving you the possibility to rest. All buckwheat pillows are adjustable by removing or adding buckwheat hulls to your pillow. 
They are naturally offering a great temperature control because air circulating freely in between the hulls cooling the pillow from inside out. Perfect for everyone they help with insomnia, neck stiffness or night sweating. Buckwheat hulls are anti-allergic and durable.
spelt hulls natural pillow filling

Spelt husks are the outside shell of spelt. Approximately 3 times bigger than buckwheat hulls they offer more stability in a pillow while still adjusting perfectly to our bodies needs. All spelt husk pillows are customizable by adding or removing husks to them. Compared to buckwheat hulls they're softer and therefore cozier. Good in storing warmth spelt husks can even be heated by very low (40° C) temperature which makes them perfect in times of colds or rheumatic pains. Spelt husks are anti-allergic and durable and easy to use them in many different ways.