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Take some Me-time.. Find a calm spot, lie down on your favorite couch, and place the Relaxing Eye Pillow on your eye...


Take some Me-time..

Find a calm spot, lie down on your favorite couch, and place the Relaxing Eye Pillow on your eyes. The weight of the flaxseeds will relax all the tension in your facial muscles by pressing gently onto your eyes and blocking all light from the outside. Spray your Jasmin Essential Oil Spray or the Lavender one to calm your nervous system allowing you to let go. Refresh yourself after your break to get started back into your day - the Lemongrass Essential Oil Spray will be your best companion for that!

Relaxing Eye Pillow

SAINE Relaxing Eye Pillows are made of pure linen only and filled with a total of 180g of lavender and flaxseeds. The inner, seed-filled pillow is divided into two equal chambers to even the weight for each eye. Every Eye Pillow comes in a matching linen pouch to keep it clean for its next use. The outside pillow & pouch are washable.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Spray

All our organic Essential Oil Sprays are designed and produced in Dubai in our fragrance manufacture. Handcrafted with natural ingredients only they will enhance the atmosphere in your home or work environment. Lemongrass works refreshing and energizing, lifting your mood. Spritz your house or car whenever you feel the need for refreshment. Use the spray as a room or clothes refresher on your travels or in your home. Have it handy during your yoga practice to refresh your yoga mat before and after every practice. The energizing lemongrass scent will give you the kick you need for your training and refresh your mat. 

Lavender Essential Oil Spray

Our Lavender Essential Oil Spray can be sprayed on your pillow or bedroom to create a calming atmosphere. Lavender and chamomille promote a sense of relaxation and well-being effect on our bodies and souls. The sedative qualities of cedarwood help us with insomnia. Use the Lavender Essential Oil Spray in combination with our Relaxing Eye Pillow and the Deep Sleep Buckwheat Pillow for an uplifted sleep experience.


All our Gift boxes can be adjusted to your personal wishes. Pick your preferred color for the Relaxing Eye Pillow and your favorite scent of Essential Oil Spray. All our gift boxes are packed with beautiful dry flowers, a ribbon, and a lot of love. 

SAINE giftbox | Relaxing Eye Pillow | Essential Oil Spray 100ml | Soy wax candle